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Meet the folks at INNOVEST who are not bored by financial jargon, insurance pricing models and loan applications. We make finance and risk management easy for our clients. And we love doing it!

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Danny Yong
The founding director of INNOVEST, Danny has been advising people on their financial health and risks for more than 20 years, across mortgage and lending companies in Malaysia and New Zealand. Danny is known for his independent, unbiased financial advice which has benefited all of his clients. He is committed to helping people build wealth through smart strategies, secure their future and pursue their dreams and goals. Danny’s expertise lies in helping clients secure lending for homes, business and investments. He is also well qualified to advice on personal insurance products and risk management strategies. An Auckland resident, Danny enjoys travelling and gardening in his spare time.
Charlie Gautier
Charlie has an enviable profile, having worked for four out of the five big banks in New Zealand as a lending expert, before joining his friend Danny as an independent financial advisor at INNOVEST. Together the duo has helped shape INNOVEST into the customer-focused, no-jargon financial advisory it is today. Charlie believes that the key to doing well financially is knowing that money can work for or against us and that we have a choice which way it goes. He is passionate about helping people make the right financial choices by educating them (without being too boring!) about money matters and risks. No sales pitch, no up-sells, no scare tactic; arming clients with easy to understand information is his forte. A fitness enthusiast, Charlie loves adventure sports and exploring new countries and cultures.
Randy Lo
An honest, approachable and friendly person with great financial know-how, Randy is perfect in his role as a registered financial adviser. He strives to give his clients the right tools to help them save money sensible borrowing strategies and help protect themselves, their family and business through excellent risk management solutions. Randy is 100% qualified to have a chat with you about anything to do with getting a mortgage and buying a home, building a portfolio of investments, working out what is best for you and your family in terms of insurance needs, making sure you are set for retirement. Randy is a keen cook, coming from a chef background in a previous life. He loves to experiment with foods!
Hadyn Padfield
Hadyn has an innate problem solving ability that he brings to the table. This knack helps him to maximise lending opportunities and minimise risks for his clients, bringing them closer to their financial goals. Hadyn has worked with banks for more than 15 years. At that time nothing made him happier than getting clients into their new home, knowing that they were in the best financial position to do so. And nothing frustrated him more than a declined loan and not being able to assist clients further. As an independent advisor, he is able to truly work in a client’s best interests and secure the best possible lending solution. He knows that when one door closes, another will be open and you can count on him to get you through it. Hadyn also provides proficient risk minimisation and insurance advice. In his spare time Hadyn likes to spend time with his wife and son, and can often be found meddling in the political arena.
Bryn Morgans
The newest member of our team, Bryn comes to INNOVEST following an eight-year stint in the health and fitness industry. It may seem like a massive leap, but for Bryn the central philosophy in both industries is similar – protecting your interests and looking after yourself so you can get the most out of life. And Bryn is excellent in helping you do just that! A registered financial adviser, he enjoys seeing people achieve their financial goals and endeavours to build long-standing relationships with his clients. When he's not helping you achieve financial freedom, Bryn can be found in the gym (naturally!) or travelling. He particularly loves spending weekends in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay with his partner Maddie.

Behind the scenes

While you may not meet them, Angelo Fernando (Personal Assistant), Sharon Chew (Accounts Manager), Rachel Lee (Personal Assistant), and Jason Wong (Accounts Admin) are integral in keeping things running smoothly in our office and making sure you receive the best customer care service possible.